Keep It Simple, Keep It Clean

There’s little objection to having a clean house, it’s the actual cleaning (and finding the time to do it) that’s the problem.  Here are a few ideas to help “keep it simple, keep it clean”.

Size:  With regard to décor, having a lot of clutter and small décor items around a room make it daunting, difficult, and time-consuming to clean.  Do you ever look around and think, “I need to clean.  But ugh, it takes forever.  There’s so much”?  Keeping décor to larger items, and less of them, helps make cleaning simpler.  Need to clean the mantle?  Moving one large photo frame and two candles is much easier than moving ten small figurines, some fake ivy and three small photo frames. 

Texture:  Furniture with clean lines with legs allows you to easily sweep or vacuum underneath.  Items which are smooth – like glass and ceramic – have less texture and tend to collect less dust – and are easy to clean. 

Color:  Dark items also tend to show more dust.  That’s another reason to opt for lighter furniture.  In a comparison between medium brown and dark brown hardwood floors, the dark brown floors showed dust faster than the medium brown floors.