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Form & Function Featured on Ikea Hackers Website

This week, we've been featured on the Ikea Hackers website!
Our "Office Remodel Project" shows readers a unique photography/art display created by printing and mounting art inside glass cabinet doors.
We really appreciate all the kudos and comments!
Check it out for yourself at!

The Office Remodel Project

We've been busy here at Form & Function working on an interesting project.  This is a home office for a husband and wife who work from home in photography, graphics, and web design.  It's also their home gym. While we started from the ground up painting the walls and trim and installing laminate wood flooring, it also draws from our other methodologies such as redesign, home technology design, and cable management.

We spoke in-depth with our clients to determine what they wanted to get out of the room.  They wanted an open, airy, modern space where they could both work.  They wanted not a single electrical or computer wire on the floor.  They wanted an open space where they can do aerobics, lift free weights, and use their elliptical machine.

A modern, urban-inspired, pop-art style was the way to go.  We first painted the room and installed the flooring.  Since they don't have any kids or pets, they saved money on a lesser expensive laminate wood floor, which we ran throughout the entire second story.  White glossy cabinets and a desk brought light into the room and reflected it around.  Wall cabinets added much-needed storage.  LED lighting below the cabinets provided an amply lit work area, and additional lights above the cabinets added ambience.  Sheer curtains allow light in while retaining some privacy, since there is a restroom and dressing area right off of the office.  They also cut the glare from the sunlight on the computer screens.  A custom-made set of colorful curtain panels frame the window and bring color into the room.  Matching custom-made seat cushions and a chair pillow keep the theme going throughout the room.

A white leather Barcelona chair was put in the back of the room for relaxing and reading with a mid-century modern lamp overhead.  The two desk chairs are reproductions of the Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chair.  A small locker adds whimsy and provides storage for their exercise equipment.  Two removable anti-fatigue exercise mats provide a large 6' x 5' surface for exercising and aerobics.  While our clients are minimalists, they do love the giant "WORK" letters, taken from old neon channel signs at antique shops, which we cleaned and repainted and mounted on the wall.

We worked with our clients to improve their wireless technology - increasing their wireless network speed, providing them with an automated backup solution for all of their computers, showing them how to connect their computers to each other on their home network, and bringing in a wireless printer and wireless stereo speaker which will play wirelessly from any of their computers and iPhones.  The speaker is also wireless itself, and is moveable throughout the home.  The clients didn't want to see a single cable on the floor.  All of the lighting cabling as well as the computer cabling is hidden neatly in wall conduit.  This helps make the room very easy to clean. 
Then came time for the personalizing.  From our photography collection, we created digital artwork from five city-based scenes and had them printed and mounted them inside each of the glass cabinet doors.  A magazine rack holds 12 of their favorite reads.  A magnetic whiteboard strip holds notes, business cards, and other useful and important items.  Inside the drawers and cabinets are boxes, bins, and other organizers to keep everything in its place.  Custom-designed mouse pads and white matching coasters were just a few of the fun items we added to the room.

This is a lively, bright, light, and inspiring place to work and have a fun time!  We really enjoyed helping to create it.

Photography by Pierre Comtois Photography
(c)2011 Form & Function