iRecommend: DIY Gym Mat

If you’re an avid home exerciser, or even someone who just likes to get a little fitness in once in a while, here are two great low-cost solutions for a home gym mat.  Lowe’s Home Improvement is often overlooked for home décor, but they do have great deals in their rug department.  They offer a grey exercise mat which comes in four 2-foot pieces (totaling a 4’x4’ mat) for $20.  It can be taken apart for easy storage.  There is also the “Surfaces 3’x5’ Gray Anti-Fatigue Mat” also for $20 which is an amazing mat to work out on.  Think “Tempur-Pedic” for your feet!  It’s thin enough for aerobics and comforts your feet with every step.  If you don’t like the size, they also have it on a roll – you can get any length custom-cut.  And even on a slippery laminate wood floor, it won’t budge.  Sweet!