One room or many, sometimes we just need a little help figuring out how to make a room its most beautiful and functional.  We can help with any or all of the following:

What's Your Style?  Through a series of fun interactive questions, we can help you find a style that suits you and your home.

Design:  Color, texture, and pattern are integral to the feel of a room.  We can help you decide what will look and feel best in your room, from paint to furniture, to textiles and accessories.

Redesign:  If you've already got the basics like furniture but don't feel a good sense of style in your room, redesigning is perfect for you.  We can design your room utilizing items you already own.  Changing furniture layout, utilizing furniture and items from other rooms in the home, changing paint color, and adding a few textiles and accessories are some of the ways we can make a room can look brand new at minimal cost.

Room Layout Options:  Furniture layout is more difficult than it seems.  Many homes aren't designed in the most functional way, and this makes furniture arrangement challenging.  Our computer-aided process can give you layouts you've never even considered.

Choosing Furniture:  We know all the good furniture stores around, from inexpensive good quality furniture, to high-end classics, to vintage antiques.  Whatever you need, we can find it!  The size of the furniture is important - having too much or too large of furniture in a small room will make it feel even smaller and cramped.  We'll help you figure out the right style, size, and fit for your room.

Budget:  No budget is too small.  Especially in this economy, some people are just looking for a little help figuring things out in their room, not a full-on designed room.  No problem!  Any of our services are available on their own.  You can ask for whatever you need.


Most people fit in the range of "normal" when it comes to clutter.  Everyone can use a little organization.  Sometimes we're too busy, sometimes it feels overwhelming...whatever your reason, we'd be happy to help!  There are all sorts of options to help you get organized - even if you don't want to throw out a single thing!  You'd be surprised how we can help - give us a try!

Organizing Solutions:  There are all sorts of ways to get organized.  We'll help  you figure out what works best for you.

Tips For Selling Used Items:  We can help you get your unneeded stuff sold. 

Cable Management:  Computer, printer, modem, router, cable box, and all the wires that connect everything...we've got solutions to help keep cords out of your way, clean, and organized.

Wireless Home Options:  You know those cables we just mentioned?  Why not lose them?  There are many options to go wireless:  computer, printer, music, television...we've got the tech knowledge to educate you and help set you up with whatever makes your life more convenient.


What exactly is home staging?  It's primarily designed for those who are selling their home.  It's design with the purpose of emphazing your home's strong points, mimizing its drawbacks, and draw in the most potential buyers.

Update, Refresh, & Organize:  We can help make your home look up-to-date, clean, and uncluttered so it will show its best on the market.  It's difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living in the home if there are too many distracting or personal items around or if they're too concerned with the repairs they'll have to make.

Define the Room:  Each room should have a purpose.  The furniture and decor in each room should reflect its purpose.  Through simple and inexpensive techniques, we'll help you make the house look ready to show.

Finish Unfinished Home Projects:  No buyer wants to pick up where you left off.  We'll help you figure out the most cost-effective way to make your home look move-in ready.


Through some of our home staging techniques, we can decorate for that special party, give you tips on budget-friendly food and drink ideas, and make your bash one-of-a-kind!