AppFind: HeyTell

If you have an iPhone with iOS5, you know how cool iMessage can be. 
What can be cooler than free text messages between iPhones or iPads? 
Free VOICE messages between ANY phone!
Ever hop in the car and want to send a quick text to a loved one or friend to say you’re on your way?  Grab the phone, find their name, type in the text, hit “send” and then get going.  Then, if they happen to text you back, you’ve got to somehow read it without the cop down the street seeing the light of the phone glaring in your face in the dark of night. 

There’s a better way.  Check out HeyTell on the iPhone App Store or Android Market.  Available for Apple and Android phones, this FREE app uses data (wifi or cellular) to send a voice message to anyone on either of these platforms.  Just select a friend, push the big record button, and speak a short message.  The voice message is sent right to them, and they can set up notifications to be notified just like they would if they received a text message.  It’s quicker and easier than texting, and helps conserve your number of texts.  If you’ve got a limited data plan, you can combine using this along with your texting to help save on both.

Check it out!