What Exactly Is ReDesign?

In today’s economy, it’s getting more and more difficult to afford to have one’s home completely designed.  Let’s be realistic, shall we?  Wouldn’t you rather get the latest iPhone or streaming television box than pay someone to tell you what furniture you should have or where you should put this or that or what color your walls should be?
Design-related television programs are turning more toward showing people affordable options, people are buying more home products from stores such as Target, HomeGoods, Ikea…but not all of us are design-oriented and we could still use a little help. 

So, where’s the middle ground?  Most of us like to live in a nice place, but don’t necessarily know how to achieve that, and really don’t want to pay a lot for it.  We get that.  So, here's where redesign comes in.

What is redesign?  It’s designing your room or home with furniture, accessories, and textiles (rugs, curtains, etc.) you already own.  It’s adding form and function to what already makes your home comfortable.  It’s bringing in a designer with a fresh look on your room – with design skills, with organization skills – to help you get your home up to your liking.  It works to fit your budget – you can purchase items to add to the design – or you don’t have to purchase a thing.  The designer provides you with ideas, advice, floor plans, and even a list of recommended stores in your area to help you find what you need at a price you can afford.  And the bottom line…our designer’s fees are affordable. 
So try it.  Give us a call.  Let us redesign your home.  Feel the fresh and new…and feel the familiar…all at the same time!